I love delicious frozen delights. 

Happiness, smiling innocence, silencing children everywhere.

Silence is ice cream, raspberry ripple and chocolate orange.

Quick licking salted caramel. Spicy lime. Purple Pomegranate.

Smiling is a free facial work out, forget botox, all you need is ice cream.

Inspired by the original Ruby Violet, who loved a “choc ice”. 

It’s never too cold. Ice cream warms your heart.

Transported to another world.

Free your mind, escape, use your imagination.

The aroma of simmering fruits,

whipped cream,

spun sugar,

caramel sauce,

crisp wafers,

a reward for your hard working week, the investment of your pocket money,

who can put a price on The Happy Experience.

Laughter, sharing, tasting, dreaming in ice cream, follow your ice cream dreams.

Ruby Violet