International Happiness Day

What makes you happy?

That’s what we’re thinking about this week, in the run up to the International Day of Happiness!

The idea was first implemented in 2012 and the first day of happiness was observed on March 20th 2013. Every year on this date we are encouraged to have the best day we can and help others enjoy it too! It’s all about spreading as much joy as you can, whether that be starting your own ‘pay-it-forward’ movement, or leaving a book on a train or secret location for someone else to connect with, a la Emma Watson.

You might want to make someone chuckle with jokes, or treat them to something you think they really deserve. Don’t forget the acts of happiness that don’t have a physical form! Words of encouragement or wisdom, support and understanding. This is part of the whole ethos of Happiness Day; finding goodness within and around us and sharing it to make a brighter world. It feels good to be living in a time which considers happiness as much a signifier of success for a country as the economy!

Even just between our staff members we have got some really diverse ideas about what brings them joy, spanning seasons and locations! Here are some of the things that delight the team at Ruby Violet;

Trout fishing in the mountains
A beautiful sunny day at the beach, with fish and chips
Seeing my little boy play
Friends, wine and sunshine
Gaining new knowledge and skills
Playing in the snow

That’s the great thing about happiness; it comes in so many forms!

You can get involved online using the hashtag #InternationalDayOfHappiness on social media or visiting the website below, where printable posters are available and if you sign up you will receive a Happiness Guidebook, Happiness Pack for Kids and a World Happiness Report!

Kat @ Ruby Violet