Bramley Apple Week!

There are some flavours that evoke all the goodness and warmth of home. They allow you to take a moment to truly enjoy yourself.

One of our delectable ice cream sandwiches


Grown only in Britain, Bramley Apples are versatile enough to be used in countless savory and sweet recipes alike, with a fiercely loyal following. At Ruby Violet we love experimenting with the new and unusual, but sometimes you can’t beat a classic combination. So as part of the nationwide celebrations for Bramley Apple Week (6th-12th February) we have been preparing our inviting Bramley Apple Pie ice cream and irresistible ice cream sandwiches using the heralded ingredient.

When you find a fruit like the Bramley Apple, with it’s delicious tang and light texture, it makes the job that much easier. Not for nothing has this iconic apple been given Protected Geographical Status in it’s pie filling form, recognised by the EU as having a special place in the hearts of the dessert loving British public. No wonder we couldn’t wait to get started in our Tufnell Park kitchen!

You can’t help but be inspired and charmed when you know the rich historical significance this humble apple has. First planted in Nottinghamshire in 1809, over the years it garnered numerous high-profile awards for its unique qualities. In the early 1900’s it became a vital part of the home-grown sources of food during the First World War, with hundreds of orchards planted. Eventually it was named one of the fifty great British trees by a country-wide network of tree wardens in 2003, during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

You could pair our delicious tribute to the Bramley Apple brilliantly with Madagascan Vanilla or the rich and decadent Zabaglione, which will remind you of comforting evenings full of Apple Pie and custard! For true indulgence why not pour on some of our beautifully delicate Salted Caramel sauce? Whatever way you choose to enjoy it, we hope you have a fruitful Bramley Apple Week!

Kat @ Ruby Violet