Coffee Week 2017

Ahh coffee...our saviour. Available in so many forms and possibly *whisper it* just as important to us today as tea!

OK definitely. Coffee has filtered (sorry) into our everyday lives. No longer solely used for its energy-boosting, attention focusing properties, it has become an experience. Everyone has their favourite blend, with multiple ways to adjust the flavour profile.

Taking place this year between 10th - 16th April, UK Coffee Week is a chance to give yourself that extra morning pep whilst supporting the Project Waterfall initiative, which aims to help bring clean water to coffee growing communities. Seeing that we drink billions of cups of coffee a year globally, and 100% of donations received go toward the project, imagine what good just a small contribution could make to the wellbeing of others!

There are lots of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants involved, many running fun individual activities during the week, so you can get a buzz and make a difference at the same time! For more information, including the fantastic things UK Coffee Week has achieved so far and companies taking part in 2017, check out their website.

At Ruby Violet we source our beans from Ozone Coffee, who roast on site at 11 Leonard Street. (Our current blend is Kore if you like what you are tasting!) Just a stone’s throw from Old Street station, we highly recommend visiting to try some delicious dishes (read anything from the brunch menu) and catch up with friends in one of the intimate, cozy booths. If you’re hardcore about your coffee why not gift a friend a subscription to their life-giving beans? Or yourself. I’ll leave that up to you.

Peace, love and hot coffee,
Kat @ Ruby Violet