Meet The Team - Bianca Porcu - Chef

At Ruby Violet, we are always thankful and grateful for the work our team put it in to delivering amazing customer service and creating delicious products for our visitors. We know that they work hard when with us, but we also know that, outside of Ruby Violet, they lead varied and interesting lives that we love to talk about and help to facilitate. So in a series of blogs, we are going to give you an insight in to our our incredible Ruby Violet team and we hope that, the next time you come to see us, you will know more about what drives them and why we are so proud to have them in our team! Without further ado, time to meet Bianca Porcu ...

Q. So, tell us who you are, where you're from and an interesting fact about yourself?

A. My name is Bianca Porcu and I was born and raised in Italy, Sardinia specifically, one of the two Italian islands. No one would ever guess that by looking at me because I am quite short and I've got a baby face. But, actually, I am completely in love with taekwondo and I also compete in both fighting and traditional taekwondo, this year at the National Championships as well.

Q. How old are you?

A. I am 22 years old.

Q. What attracted you to work for Ruby Violet?

A. A friend of mine got a job there and she loves it. They were looking for a chef and since I love cooking and baking (and eating!), my friend got me an interview and I got the job!

Q. Outside of working for Ruby Violet, what keeps you busy?

A. I've got another job in a restaurant and beside competing I also teach taekwondo in after school clubs.

Q. Describe yourself in 4 words, beginning with the letter C.

A .Now that is a difficult question! It's not always easy to be objective about oneself. I would say I am Caring, Creative, Calm and Curious. But someone might disagree !

Q. What was the last song you listened to?

A. Difficult question as I am currently listening to music as I write! But it's the soundtrack from the musical Hamilton, which I love and I'm going to see next year. So excited!

Q. Can you recommend a boxset that we should watch?

A. Mmh … does Game of Thrones have a box set? Because that would be my answer. Also read the books!  

Q. Finally, what is your favourite Ruby Violet ice cream/sorbet flavour?

A .Impossible to choose! Ice cream would be rum and raisin, lavender, beetroot, salted caramel...sorbet peach and rosewater ! Or prosecco and elderflower...they are honestly all so delicious!

At this year's National Taekwondo championships, held in Manchester, Bianca came away with a Silver medal to add to her ever growing collection. She also trains with Team  GB throughout the year and has more tournaments this year. Bianca, we are over the moon at your Silver medal and are very lucky to have you as part of our team!