Five Flavours Of The Summer

The mercury’s rising, the sun is out, our parlours are filled with refreshing, seasonal flavours - and we wanted to introduce you to five of our favourites for Summer 2018.


English Strawberry Ice Cream & Sorbet

A true classic - fresh, seasonal strawberries in our signature ice cream. English strawberry season starts in May, and peaks in deliciousness in June & July. There’s four varieties of strawberry grown in England - Elsanta, Eve’s Delight, Sweet Eve and English Rose, and if you’re looking for a vegan option - this also comes as a sorbet.

Did You Know: way back in the sixteenth century, strawberries were sold in cone-shaped straw baskets - they were one of the first takeaway foods. They’re also one of the oldest fruits - the Romans cultivated them in 200BC!


Basil & Lemon Ice Cream

A refreshing hit of summer in a scoop, our Basil & Lemon ice cream is truly a gastronomic adventure. The tangy lemon zest combined with aromatic basil give it a punchy aroma, all wrapped up in a rich, silky ice cream. Heavenly.

Did You Know: Botanically speaking, lemons are technically berries (but strawberries are not!). And while these days we may think of basil as an Italian necessity, it actually originated in Asia and is part of the mint family.


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

We’re especially proud of this one - our Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is the result of a long, loving process where we soak our ingredients for four days to let the mint’s signature zing truly shine through.

Did You Know: Mint chocolate chip has had a meteoric rise lately - after languishing at the 10th most popular flavour back in 2000, last year it was up in fourth place according to the International Dairy Foods Association. We think ours could get it even higher…


Watermelon & Mint Granita

Originating in Sicily, granita has become a byword for refreshment - think of it as the discerning person’s slushie. Our watermelon and mint flavour will transport you back to the beach, as the natural sweetness of the melon combines with the mint’s cool fizz to give you a true taste of summer.

Did You Know: The earliest records of granita are from the late 1800s, when Italian cookbooks started to document their preferred flavours, and it was actually primarily eaten as a breakfast food. Well, we do open at 10am...

Apricot & Sour Cream Ice-Cream

A fresh twist on an old-fashioned French dessert, this is the bad boy older brother of peaches & cream. Sweet, velvety apricots get a punchy tang from sour cream, giving a kick to this classic combination.

Did You Know: Apricots are actually from the rose family, and they’ve been lovingly cultivated for over 4000 years. By contrast, sour cream was created accidentally just a few centuries ago, when the cream from skimmed milk turned sour when not properly refrigerated. They do say opposites attract…

Coming soon… Wimbledon Sundae

We’ll be celebrating the sporting season with a classic Wimbledon Sundae - our English Strawberry ice cream combined with classic Maxi Moo Moo ice cream, fresh cream, meringues, strawberries and strawberry sauce. Love!