London's best hot chocolate

Who doesn't love hot chocolate in the winter? And this may be the best hot chocolate I've had in a while (and we drink a lot of hot chocolate in our house...)

A G&T ice cream bar is popping up in London

The brainchild of gin brand Gin Mare and ice cream aficionados Ruby Violet, this cold stuff will be infused with botanicals and sprinkled with crystallised rosemary, dried olive and gin-soaked orange peel...

Not a Sponge in sight

Introducing the new contender vying to be your wedding cake. Perfect for a summer party, these amazing creations, all served cold, are filled with fruits and cream...

London's best ice cream


Ruby Violet is a highly acclaimed ice cream parlour with more than a small sense of magic and wonder and a dash of glam thrown in for good measure...

london's Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

Forget your typical bread and butter; these sandwiches place ice cream between dreamy layers of cookie, cake and the like. Grab a spoon or get sticky