Children's Party - King's Cross

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Children's Party - King's Cross


We can host your child's birthday party round our Panama table at our Ruby Violet parlour in Kings Cross.

We are situated in a unique setting in the Canal Quarter just off Granary Square and the fountains.


  • A round ice cream cake with 3 flavours of Belgian Chocolate, Raspberry Ripple and our organic milk Maxi Moo Moo with bespoke decorations.

  • Fresh fruit and chocolate for dipping

  • Cost: £25 per child.

  • Minimum six children, maximum 10.

  • Minimum age 4.

  • Duration: One hour

  • You may decorate our parlour 30 mins before the party starts, but we can’t allow confetti!

We also offer a bespoke party package of goodies to make your day even more special - custom designed cups for your ice-cream, bespoke invitations and even a one-off menu of all the treats for your party. This is £100 per party - just tick the box on the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requests!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 10 so please book the correct amount below!

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